I first met Brandon Martinez when he came through my Studio Maintenance course at Ex’pression College for Digital Arts. He was fully engaged in the class and achieved top marks and often went above and beyond by bringing in his own projects and delving more deeply into the subject matter. I was so impressed with his intelligence, efficiency, and enthusiasm that I asked him to assist me on several recording sessions after he had progressed further in the Sound Arts program. During these sessions he handled the console and the ProTools operations, assisted in setting up mics, and worked with the artists to help them feel at ease leading up to and during their performance.

I can say without reservation that Brandon is a pro. He is out there working in the field at the Bing Auditorium at Stanford University and takes on any opportunity that allows him to hone and ply his already prodigious audio engineering skills. He is actively bringing his tremendous potential to fruition every chance he gets. I highly recommend Brandon for his excellent work ethic and reliability, his affable and flexible nature, his quick intelligence, and his highly cultivated audio skills.

Karen Stackpole
Studio Maintenance Course Director Ex’pression College for
Digital Arts

I worked with Brandon Martinez recording the vocals for my opera UKSUS and he handled the job superbly, dealing with a mix of singers and speakers of different backgrounds and very different voices, from quiet amateurs to the most powerful opera sopranos. He took the time to find the right microphone for each voice, was flawless in handling the equipment, and, importantly, was patient and understanding and friendly to all. The recording came out beautifully.

Erling Wold
Composer and Producer
Artistic Director at
Erling Wold’s Fabrications

www.erlingwold.org en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Erling_Wold





A colleague of mine had asked me to run a last minute session for him with a local band that I needed to record. I had agreed to engineer the session but I needed a second engineer to assist me. I immediately thought of Brandon Martinez because of a previous professional recording he had done for a former band that I had been in. I knew from the start that I could trust his work ethic and capabilities based on what he had done while recording my former band. Needless to say, the session went very smoothly and it reassured me that I could enlist Brandon if I am ever in a situation to where I need someone to second engineer. After the experiences that I have had with Brandon in a professional setting I would feel confident enough to call him first for any recordings in the future.

Alana de Ocampo
AV Technician/Recording Engineer